Dr. Satyapira Padhan
Mr. Nrusingha Charan Panda
Mr. Swaraj Kumar Rout
Mr. Malaya Kumar Meher
Mr. Aman Chhatra
Mr. Siddhartha Kesharee Pradhan
Mr. Ranjan Kumar Pradhan
Dr. Debabrata Sahu
Dr. Siddhartha Shankar Sahoo
Mr. Sangram Padhan
Mr. Hitesh Kumar Meher
Mr. Amarendra Kumar Babu
Mr. Sachin Behera
Mr. Sanjay Prasad Shukla
Miss. Sasmita Routray
Mr. Shyam Shundar Panda
Mr. Prasanta Kumar Mahakud
Mr. Hitendu Shekhar Rana
Mr. Tapan Chowdhury
Mr. Antana Sinku
Mr. Jayaram Rana
Mr. Ehsaas Hota
Mr. Sagar Mallick
Mr. Abhijeet Dash
Mr. Ajit Kumar Singh
Mr. Aman Kumar Panda
Mr. Biranchi Narayan Sikha
Mr. Amiya Kumar Bhoi
Mr. Sugyan Kesharee Pradhan
Mr. Debabrata Das
Mr. Aurobindo Nayak
Mr. Bablu Biswal
Mr. Baidyanath Sinha
Mr. Hitesh Kumar Meher
Mr. Dambarudhar Biswal
Mr. Ghana Satnami
Mr. Jitendra Kumar Sahu
Mr. Jogeswar Naik
Mr. Milon Mohapatra
Mr. Nilkamal Sahu
Mr. Papu Kumar
Mr. Pradeep Sinha
Mr. Prem Sagar Tandi
Mr. Rahul Padhan
Mr. Reshab Panigrahi
Mr. Soumitri Bag
Mr. Sachin Das
Mr. Sahil Afrid
Mr. Kunal Naik
Mr. Sanuraj Pandia
Mr. Soumyabrata Sahu
Mr. Soumya Ranjan Rout
Mr. Soumya Ranjan Tripathy
Mr. Subha Shankar Sahoo
Dr. Anirudh Dakua
Mr. Sundar Sahu
Mr. Sumanta Gadtia
Mr. Sushant Meher
Mr. Tapan Rana
Mr. Udit Padhan


Dr. Satyapira Padhan

Meet Dr. Satyapira Padhan - The President of Kalinga Daredevils.

Dr. Satyapira Padhan is  popularly known as the Punchman of Odisha for holding Guinness World Records in punch strikes.  Also awarded with Karamveer Chakra instituted by United Nations (UN) and ICONGO. He is a physical therapist, mountaineer, martial arts, and a social activist.
(During cyclothon program at Youth Hostel, Puri)

Dr. Padhan is a resident of Depur village in Kalahandi District of Odisha. He was born on 26 day of December 1994. Satyapira name derived from the Pala tradition.

Studied Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology and Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) at Hi-Tech College Of Physiotherapy in Hi-Tech Medical College & Hospital, Bhubaneswar under Utkal University, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar. He is also an “A” grade certified trainee from Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports, Jammu & Kashmir for Basic Mountaineering Course and Advance Mountaineering Course from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling, West Bengal under Govt. of India.
(Hon'ble Chief Minister of Odisha felicitating the 
official Guinness World Record holder certificate to Dr. Padhan)

On September 27, Jayadeva Bhavan in Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar was buzzing with energy. People crowded around the stage to see (and of course, record on their smartphones) the feat Satyapira Padhan had set out to achieve. Amid all the cheering and camera flashes, Padhan set a record for the most number of full contact one hand punches, 312 to be exact, in one minute while holding a 1 kg weight. Before this, he had set his first record for the most number of full contact punches in one minute (393). Both the records went down in the Guinness Book of Records. It's no wonder he's been given the title of 'Punchman of Odisha'. But, if you are thinking that he went through this ordeal just to go down in the record books, you are highly mistaken. The funds that came in from organising these events have been directed towards his initiative Satya Seva Trust, which the 24-year-old started in 2012. And through this Trust, he has been doing a lot of social work as well.
Dr. Padhan is the director of international services at the Rotaract Club of Bhubaneswar Friends and the president of Kalinga Daredevils (a talent club).
(2nd Guinness World Record)

Dr. Padhan encouraging youth across the country to make their names in Guinness Book of World Records. Already 12 persons have achieved Guinness World Records under his guidance and his target to make hundreds.
"There is a certain perception around Kalahandi as outsiders think the people here are uneducated and poor. I want to prove to others that Kalahandi is much more than that," says Padhan, who hails from Depur. To make a difference, Padhan conducts blood donation camps (he himself has donated blood 29 times) and blanket distribution programs. But where he is really striving hard to make a difference is in the field of sports. He encourages new talent and even tries to provide them with the resources they might need — right from cycles so that upcoming athletes can travel easily to organizing workshops for them. The most recent workshop is his ongoing one to promote an interest in volleyball, for which he brought down Kamar Ali Khan, an international coach.

(Receiving Asia Inspiration Award-2018
at Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Dream! Achieve! Repeat!
Focus and Determination is the ultimate need to reach your Goal.
Family and parents have supported me in every way possible to live my dream. Not only family but my surrounding people have also been my strength and support in my journey.

My vision in life is to be a good human being and work for the welfare of my society selflessly. I have taken baby steps already to work for the society and have future plans to make them bigger and better. Also set a target to guide people to achieve hundreds of Guinness World Records in their respective skills.

Life is one and we should utilize every opportunity that life gives us! Every individual is special in their own way. It’s just we need to identify our strength and work on it. Self confidence and self love along with discipline is highly important in life to walk the right way without getting inclined to negativity. We all can achieve dreams with a little determination.

 Successfully completed Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) and Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC) from JIM&WS and HMI with the financial assistance from Department of Sports & Youth Services, Government of Odisha. 
 Mt. Indrasan (20,410ft) 2016: Successfully summited on 24th June 2016 at 11.50am. Mount Indrasan is located at an altitude of 20,410 feet above sea level in Himachal Pradesh. Mt. Indrasan is one of the difficult peaks in the Himalayas because of the challenges involved in scaling it. Source- Wikipedia. 

 Mt. Kabru Dome (21,654ft) 2016: 
Reached up to an altitude of 17,500 feet along with AMC with the training instructors of Himalayan Mountaineering Institution. 

 Tulian Lake (12,087ft) 2015: Successfully completed in April 2015, Tulian Lake situated in Anantnag District of the state Jammu Kashmir. 
 Sandakphu (11,900ft) 2015: Sandakphu or Sandakfu is the highest peak in the District of Ilam, Nepal and West Bengal. It is the highest point in the Singalila Ridge. 
 Darwa Top (13,550ft) 2017: Under the leadership of Padma Bhushan Bachendri Pal. 
 Bhrigu Lake (14,100ft) 2016: Bhrigu Lake located in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. 

(His signature pose)


  Global Young Leaders Fellowship-2019 by United Nations (UN) and ICONGO at IIT New Delhi on 12th October 2019. 

 International Humanitarian Fellow-2019 by International Humanitarian Initiative (IHI). 

 Asia Inspiration Award-2018 from Mr.Ahmed Mahloof, Hon'ble Minister of Youth & Sports, Government of Maldives at South Asian Youth Summit, Sri Lanka. 
 Top Talent Award-2017 at World Talent Festival organized by Universal Record Forum. 
 National Youth Icon Award-2018 on the occasion of International Youth Empowerment Day at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi organized by International Youth Committee. 

 Awarded with prestigious Karamveer Chakra by iCONGO & United Nations (UN) ta Dogra Hall, IIT, New Delhi on 12th October 2019.
 Mu Hero Award from Hon'ble Chief Minister of Odisha at Odisha Youth Conclave, organized by State Youth Welfare Board. 
 Awarded with official Guinness World Record certificate from Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha at Odisha State Secretariat, Bhubaneswar. 
 Felicitated from the hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha on the occasion of Nuakhai Bhetghat organized by POAS. 
 Swami Vivekananda Prativa Puraskar-2018 at Odisha Youth Conclave. 
 Arohi Samman in Rajyastariya Prativa Puraskar-2017 for achieving "Alfa" grade in BMC & AMC and summited high altitude mountains of the Himalayas. 
 Humanitarian Award-2019 by National Human Rights Federation for outstanding humanitarian work in fovor of human rights and spreading peace throughout the World. 

  Felicitated at Xylopia-2018 from Dr. Damodar Acharya, Principal of IIT, Kharagpur and Shri Moti Prakash Rath, head of R&R, Jindal Stainless Ltd. 
 Physio Achiever Award-2017 by Odisha State Physiotherapy Forum. 
 Awarded by UNESCO at Palli, Rajasthan organized by Confederation of UNESCO club and associations of India (CUCAI),  New Delhi. 
 World Record appreciation by Assist World Records BooK. 
 World Record appreciation by Vajra World Records Book. 
 Awarded with Utkala Kirtiratna Samman -2017 from Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mohapatra, program organised  by Sahara Janamancha. 
 Sevak Samman-2018 for the contribution towards the improvement of the society in the field of Health, Education, Environment and Culture. 
 Amruta Data Samman-2018 for 26 times of selfless blood donation at the age of 24. 
 Proud of Odisha Award from renowned Korean scientist Dr.Hyoung-Tag Jeon, program organized by Vingro Health Care Pvt. Ltd. 
 Proud of Kalahandi Award on the occasion of National Sports Day-2017 in a program organized by Department of Sports, Kalahandi. 
 Vivek Shree Samman-2018 by Swami Vivekananda Educational Charitable Social & Spiritual Trust. 
 Sevaka Samman-2018 from Padma Shri Bhabani Charan Pattnayak for commendable commitment towards the improvement in the field of Health, Education, Environment, and Culture. 
 Samarthya Gouraba Biratwa Samman-2018 for achieving Guinness World Records by showing outstanding skills of Martial Arts. 
 Felicitated and appreciated by the leader of the opposition of Odisha Legislative Assembly (OLA) Shri Pradipta Kumar Nayak. 
 Felicitated at 6th District Assembly-2018 of Rotaract Club, Rotary International 3262. 
 Felicitated on the occasion of 6th Foundation Day of Utkal Grameen Bank. 

 Felicitated by Odisha Cooperative Society. 
 Felicitation and recognition from Cabinet Minister for ST & SC Development, Minorities & Backward Classes Welfare, Panchyatiraj Department, Govt. of Odisha Shri Ramesh Chandra Majhi at Govt. Autonomous College, Bhawanipatna. 
 Awarded at Raipur Yuva Mohatshav, Chhatisgarh. 
 Yuva Jyoti Samman-2018 in recognitions for guiding youth across the County to make Guinness World Records in the name of India. 
 Eminent Sports Personality recognition and felicitation from CGM of State Bank Of India (SBI) Miss Praveena Kala. 
 Invited as a Special Guest and felicitated in International Youth Development Conclave-2019 at Sirsa, Haryana. 
 Invited as a guest performer in India’s Got Talent in 2018 at Kolkata. 
 Invited as a guest on the occasion of national integration camp-2018 of Bharat Scouts & Guides and the chief guest his excellency the Governor of Odisha Prof. Ganeshi Lal. 
 Awarded at IAPCon from Her Excellency Governor of Jharkhand Smt. Draupadi Murmu. 
  Found opportunities to delivered speech and motivate youth in many youth development conclaves, educational institutions, government and non-governmental organizations etc. 

Dr. Malaya Kumar Meher
Meet Dr. Malaya Kumar Meher - Outdoor Trekker, Physiotherapist and a Social Worker.

Dr. Malaya Kumar Meher is a physical therapist, mountaineer, and a social worker.
(Bike Ride to Godhas Waterfall)
Dr. Malaya is from Tukla village in Khariar block, Nuapada district of Odisha. He was born on 4th November 1996. In Sanskrit "Malaya" means fragrant, sandal-wood or rich in sandalwood trees. According to Mahabharata Malaya is a mountain in South India, personified by a deity in Kubera's assembly and considered one of the 7 chief mountains of India.

Studied +2 Science Royal science college Muniguda, Rayagada and Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) at Hi-Tech College Of Physiotherapy in Hi-Tech Medical College & Hospital, Bhubaneswar under Utkal University, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar. 

* Sandakphu (12024ft  altitude)
* Nathu La and Jelep La Pass (13999ft high altitude).
Also an active social worker, member of Satya Seva Trust and Soch Foundation Trust, Bhubaneswar and Treasurer of Kalinga Daredevils.

Malaya also a regular blood donor. He has donated blood 5 times and he has also donated old cloth and blanket on cloth and blanket distribution drive.

Work hard, dream becomes true.
(At Baba Harbhajan Singh Shrine, Sikkim)

Family and parents have supported me in every way possible to live my dream. Not only family but my surrounding people have also been my strength and support in my journey.

My vision in life is to be a good human being.

It's not about what you hope or want. It's about what's in the best interest of the child.

Mr. Hitesh Kumar Meher

Meet Drx Hitesh Kumar Meher - The Executive Committee Member  of Kalinga Daredevils.

(With the Sleeping Buddha views at Sandakphu)
Hitesh Kumar Meher is a Pharmacist, mountaineer, and a social worker.
Mr. Hitesh is from Tukla village in Khariar block, Nuapada district of Odisha.He was born on 23rd July 1996.
Hitesh is a common Hindu name for male.The name literally means "one who thinks well of everyone."or" Lord of goodness." Hitesh in Hindi means Subh Chintak or well wisher.The name itself suggests the meaning in Hindi, i.e., "Hit" means to do and thinks good for others.
Hubby; Reading, Playing and Travailing 
Qualifications; Studied +2 Science Royal science college Muniguda, Rayagada and Pharmacy at Indira Gandhi Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneswar. 

(During BBSR-PURI cyclothon)
Mr. Hitesh is a active social worker member of Satya seva trust  Bhubaneswar Pharmacist at Kalinga Daredevils (a talent club)

Hitesh also a regular blood donor. He has donated blood 4 times and he has also donated old cloth and blanket on cloth and blanket distribution drive.

“Work hard, dreams become true."

Family and parents have supported me in every way possible to live my dream. Not only family but my surrounding people have also been my strength and support in my journey.

My vision in life is to be a good human being.
(At Kalpokhri during Sandakphu trekking)

When u r Young, You look at the world with greater expectations. Wise choices contribute to a happy, successful life. Unwise choices can blemish a whole lifetime.

Mr. Siddhartha Kesharee Pradhan

Meet Mr. Siddhartha Kesharee Padhan - The Founder of Kandhamal Explorer.

Mr. Siddhartha Kesharee Padhan is a Model. He is a NCC Cadet, Fitness Enthusiast, social worker and a Healthy Lifestyle influencer.

Mr. Siddhartha is a resident of Beredakia village in Kandhamal District of Odisha. He was born on 19th day of December 1999.

Studied Higher secondary education from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Bargarh, Odisha. Continuing his Bachelor in Technology in Civil Engineering at Government College of Engineering Kalahandi, under Biju Patnaik University of Technology Odisha. He also done Auto-CAD from CTTC, under Ministry of MSME. 

Siddhartha, is a model and was the Top 12 Finalists of Odisha Supermodel in 2019.
And also he won the title of Mr.Fashionnova Rkl in the last 2019. He created *Kandhamal Explorer* for enhancing, intensifying, upgrading N strengthening the tourism and culture of Kandhamal, Odisha. 
The main reason behind promoting this kandhmal explorer is to attract more tourist to thus remotest paradise.
He owns a YouTube Channel "Siddhartha Pradhan' and doing lifestyle vlogging.

Mr. Siddhartha is a Social Worker, member of Satya Seva Trust and Communication Chair of Kalinga Daredevils (Talent Club)
He also donated food & actively visiting the Disability schools & orphanages.

▪️Mt.Sandakphu (12,024ft) which is situated in Eastern Himalayan of Illam, Nepal.
▪️He was the Odisha super Model Finalist in the year of 2019
▪️Awarded "Special Achiever Award 2019" at Navodaya Alumni Association of Odisha .
▪️ Awarded GCEK Achievers Award 2020 (For the year 2019-20 overall performance)

Don't underestimate your dream. Fix it and Chase it.

Throughout the Journey Family & Parents supported a lot to chase the dream. And also my mentors & peer group been my Pillars of Journey.

To be a successful person in my life as well as inspire every one for Healthy lifestyle.

Life is one, Grab all the opportunities which knock your door. Try to avoid your comfortable zone & do some extraordinary with enthusiasm, persistence & will power and the will to chase every difficulties.

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